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Hey Guys

2011-02-10 03:14:30 by Halo78

damn i havent posted in awhile, probably becuase im always on the site but never log in lol xD


2010-03-06 16:00:56 by Halo78

dont have internet and probably wont for awhile


2009-10-04 03:41:23 by Halo78

finally im able to make an update yo

No internet

2009-09-07 20:38:07 by Halo78

sorry about not updating recently all, internets been out for awhile yo


2009-07-31 03:49:17 by Halo78

i come from a poor family so im not able to acquire materials most artist on newgrounds use. i use what i can get my hands, which is usually paint markers from a nearby Korean store


2009-07-30 05:13:51 by Halo78

Hello everyone, im Halo and a pretty old member on newgrounds. im not an animator so ive never submited anything. but nows theres a new art section and i happen to be an artist =]
so check out what ive done and comment on them please =]